Porsche has officially announced a large electric crossover

Porsche has officially announced a large electric crossover 1

As part of his recent interview, the CEO of the German brand announced a large electric crossover Porsche. It was also said that the novelty is going to be assembled in Leipzig, Germany.

Enthusiasts appreciate Porsche for its sports cars, but few people know that it is crossovers that bring the company, especially a large part of the profits. Macan and Cayenne have been leading the sales charts for many years, and these figures should get even better with the introduction of a new generation of Macan powered only by electricity in 2023. Thanks to the success of the model as a whole and the boom in electric cars, it will be quite a popular model.

Speaking at the Capital Markets Day event, which took place this week at the Porsche Research and Development Center in Weissach, CEO Oliver Blum announced the expansion of the model range: “We plan to add to our attractive portfolio a new luxury all-electric crossover.”

It will be assembled at the Leipzig plant, and although details are not available, the following statement leads us to believe that it will be larger and more expensive than the Macan EV:

“This new model will further expand our position in the luxury car segment. We are aiming, in particular, at segments with higher margins and thus strive to use new sales opportunities.”

With this new larger electric crossover, the upcoming Macan EV, and the 718 versions with an electric motor, Porsche is on track to achieve its goal: by 2030, electric vehicles will account for more than 80 percent of the company’s annual sales.

The publications quoted the company’s dealers who said that the novelty looked like a “half sedan, half crossover” with a “dashing” profile and without common styles with the Macan or Cayenne. At that moment, dealers were told that he had a hybrid power plant with a plug-in module, but a purely electric motor should appear later in the life cycle of the model.

Porsche has officially announced a large electric crossover 3