PIERER Mobility (ex-KTM Group) buys MV Agusta?

PIERER Mobility (ex-KTM Group) buys MV Agusta? 1

The last rumor before EICMA-2022: Italian insiders report that Pierer Mobility AG (ex-KTM Group) made an offer to Timur Sardarov, which the Russian businessman and current president of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. could not refuse.

On September 20, MV Agusta announced an unexpected collaboration with KTM AG: the Austrian company will provide MV with its distribution facilities in North America to promote the legendary Italian brand in the US and Canadian markets. The commercial agreement includes a special mission of KTM AG – it will represent the interests of MV Agusta in the American market. And Hubert Trunkenpolz, a member of the Board of Directors of KTM AG, stated that “the premium MV Agusta brand fits KTM’s strategy in developing in certain markets.” More about this – https://www.mvagusta.com/be/de/news/70feb7c6-f7e0-47c7-812b-bcf77f9b5b75

It is hard to imagine that two competing companies with interests in the same market segment could sign a peace agreement and go forward hand in hand without having closer ties than just some common commercial sense.

KTM Group has shown interest in acquiring various well-known motorcycle companies in the recent past. After buying out Husqvarna from BMW Group, KTM became interested in buying Ducati, but VAG gave more, and the deal did not take place. But KTM has become a home for GASGAS, a partner of Bajaj and a donor for CFMoto and a number of Chinese manufacturers. Stefan Pire’s strategy for moving east, which he spoke about back in 2017, is being implemented in various ways. This is a purely commercial strategy: thus, Pierer Mobility, for which KTM AG is now just one of the brands under its umbrella, is increasing sales and concentrating profits on one hand.

According to the rumor, which Gialuigi Ragno, also known as a distributor of gossip from the world of motorsport and Mister Helmet brands, was the first to voice, the commercial agreement between KTM and MV Agusta is nothing more than a planned takeover by the Austrian giant of the legendary Italian company. As a version of why all this is happening, Ranyo believes that in this way Timur Sardarov wants to realize his long-standing dream – to take the next step in MotoGP. Now the MV Agusta factory teams are present in World Supersport and Moto2, but the company does not have enough resources to enter the Royal Class.

According to other rumors, a deal will be announced at EICMA-2022, in which KTM intends to buy a controlling stake in MV Agusta in 2023, followed by a full buyout of the plant’s assets from Shiranna in 2024.