Ox Duk: The perfect urban electric motorcycle

Ox Duk: The perfect urban electric motorcycle 1

Spanish startup Ox Motorcycles presented an Enduro with an electric motor, approved for use on public roads.

Duk, which became the second model of Ox Motorcycles, looks fascinating. Firstly, as we have already said, the electric Enduro is homologized for public roads, i.e. you can safely get to the off-road highway on your own, or you can just use it as a city “all-terrain vehicle”, not paying attention to curbs, stairs, and other urban obstacles.

Ox Duk: The perfect urban electric motorcycle 3

Secondly, the Ox Duk turned out to be very cheerful: with a motorcycle weight of only 80 kg, it’s electric motor develops a peak power of 8 kW (about 11 hp) and a maximum torque of 60 Nm. The 2.2 kWh battery is enough for a hundred kilometers of mileage, while the built-in charger can charge the battery in just three hours. The electric motor is mounted in the frame in the center of the motorcycle, and the drive to the rear wheel is carried out by a chain. Both wheels are 18 inches in diameter.

Ox Duk: The perfect urban electric motorcycle 5

The Ox Duk electric motorcycle is available in two versions corresponding to different versions of driver’s licenses. The maximum speed of the basic version is limited to 45 km/h, and the variant that meets the requirements of the A1 category is capable of accelerating up to 85 km/h. The most interesting thing is that both the power and torque of both versions are the same, the difference is only in the settings of the maximum speed limiter.

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The price of the basic version of the Ox Duk starts from 6,099 euros, the faster version costs only 100 euros more. The electric motorcycle will be available in three color versions, it should be on sale this fall.