Novitec unveils the 1094-HP Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Novitec unveils the 1094-HP Ferrari SF90 Stradale 1

Especially for the Italian supercar Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the tuning studio Novitec has developed a set of upgrades. Along with more power, it also gets a lot of interiors and exterior elements made of carbon fiber and forged wheels.

When it comes to tuning supercars, it’s always better to stick to the “less is better” policy. When you upgrade a Ferrari, this is especially true. Fortunately, one tuner has just such a set of upgrades, as they say, to the smallest detail. Novitec has introduced many upgraded Ferraris over the years and tends to avoid the flashy and outlandish modifications that make supercars uglier.

“Thanks to some creative tuning of the engine control unit and a high-performance exhaust system, Novitec has increased the SF90’s power by 107 horsepower, bringing the total power to 1,094 hp.”

The peak torque has also been increased. As a result, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes only 2.4 seconds. In addition, the maximum speed has now been increased to more than 350 km/h. But the tuner didn’t stop there.

There is an exhaust system, which is special in itself, as it can be with or without a throttle, and also has thermal insulation to reduce the temperature in the engine compartment. Optionally, you can get a 999 pure gold coating for “maximum heat dissipation”, and you can complement such a system with a pair of 4.4-inch stainless steel exhaust pipes with carbon decorations.

Finally, there is a set of 21-inch forged Novitec NF10 wheels supplemented with sports springs that understate the car by 30 mm in front and 25 mm in the rear. Once again, Novitec has created a masterpiece.

Novitec unveils the 1094-HP Ferrari SF90 Stradale 3