Nissan will sell used cars of other brands

Nissan will sell used cars of other brands 1

Nissan plans to launch a program to resell used cars of other brands in the United States. The condition of all used cars will be thoroughly inspected for 84 items, and they will be sold with a warranty of six months or almost 10,000 kilometers of mileage. Dealers will also sell used cars of Nissan itself, which will receive a more serious inspection on 167 points and a seven-year warranty (160,000 kilometers).

Selling used cars under different nameplates will help attract new clients to dealers, Dan Monke, vice president of Nissan USA’s e-commerce department, said.

But the sellers are sure that Nissan wouldn’t have started such a program if it had not had enough of its cars. For example, Ryan Hall, manager of the HGreg Nissan Kendall dealership near Miami, said such a move should help boost dealership traffic when supplies fall. Shipments of new cars have about halved recently, he said.

Another U.S. dealership believes that selling “other people’s” cars can really help. Used-car buyers are 30 percent more likely to return to buy an already new car, said Tim Dahle Nissan Southtowne operating partner Tyler Slade. They’re also more likely to choose service from a familiar Nissan dealer.

Nissan isn’t the first automaker to decide to get into reselling used cars from other brands. Ford already has a similar program in the U.S., also experiencing serious production problems, and General Motors is next in line.

Source: Carscoops