Nissan will revive the Skyline crossover: new details

Nissan will revive the Skyline crossover: new details 1

The revival of the Nissan Skyline crossover has been talked about since last year. The model with the name Skyline Crossover was produced in the period from 2009 to 2016, then it began to be sold as the Infiniti EX35, and now there are rumors of a reverse transformation. The Japanese edition of Best car web found out that the crossover can return to the Nissan model line as early as 2024, and the design of the novelty will be made with an eye on the IMQ concept car three years ago.

A year earlier, it was suggested that the Skyline crossover will most likely become a global model and will repeat the Infiniti QX55, which, in turn, is a coupe-like version of the QX50. Under the hood of the QX55 is a two-liter VC-Turbo turbo engine with a variable compression ratio, which develops 249 horsepower in the Russian specification. The transmission is a Jatco Variator with a torque converter and an imitation of eight gears. The drive is complete, with an electronically controlled multi-disc coupling for connecting the rear axle.

However, now the Japanese media are predicting a hybrid installation for the future Skyline Crossover, which debuted on the IMQ concept.

Nissan will revive the Skyline crossover: new details 3
Nissan will revive the Skyline crossover: new details 5

We are talking about the second-generation hybrid e-Power system, which is already being installed on production cars: for example, in March 2022, the European Nissan Qashqai received it. The car is driven by electric motors, and a one-and-a-half-liter internal combustion engine with a variable compression ratio performs the function of a generator, feeding the traction battery.

Currently, the Skyline sedan is present in the Nissan model line, but it is available only in the domestic market. The model of the current 13th generation has been produced since 2013, and in the summer of 2019, it was subjected to a planned restyling. Outside of Japan, the four-door is sold as the Infiniti Q50.

Source: BestCarWeb