Nissan will flood the market with sports electric cars

Nissan will flood the market with sports electric cars 1

New Nissan electric cars will receive sports versions for active drivers. They will be prepared in the studio Nismo, which became famous for the refinement of gasoline Nissan. This was announced by the head of the European division of the company, Guillaume Cartier, in an interview with the British edition of Top Gear.

“Nismo is our asset, and we want to breathe new life into it. Will we have any electric cars from Nismo? The answer is yes,” Guillaume Cartier stressed.

Nismo is not the first sports division of an automobile brand engaged in the refinement of electric cars. Similar models have already been created in BMW Motorsport, Mercedes-AMG, and Seat Cupra.

Nissan will flood the market with sports electric cars 3
Racing Nissan Leaf RC was created in the studio Nismo
Photo: Nissan

In the coming years, Nissan will introduce 15 new electric models at once, and many of them will get sports versions. The development of a sports line will require investment in Nismo. According to the head of Nissan Europe, Nismo engineers will focus on fine-tuning the engine and suspension.

As an example, Guillaume Cartier cited the Nissan Ariya electric crossover, which may be the first to receive a charged version. The standard model already has a large battery and good characteristics, but there is a chance to improve them and make the electric car more powerful and more interesting to drive.

It should be noted that Nismo already has experience with electric cars. In 2019, the atelier prepared a racing version of the Nissan Leaf RC. During the refinement, the power of the electric motor increased from 150 to 322 hp.