Nissan and Mitsubishi showed cars for 14 thousand dollars

Nissan and Mitsubishi showed cars for 14 thousand dollars 1

Nissan and Mitsubishi have simultaneously presented two new models, which are built on joint venture NMKV (Nissan Mitsubishi Kei Vehicle). These are electric cars, and quite accessible – it is declared that the price of base versions taking into account subsidies will be about 14 thousand dollars.

The Nissan Sakura and Mitsubishi EK X EV are based on production cars with traditional internal combustion engines. But while the Nissan Sakura got a new body, Mitsubishi decided to take a simpler route and simply put electric “stuffing” in the body of the production Mitsubishi EK X Kei-car.

Specifications cars are not the most outstanding against the background of more expensive European or American electric cars: installed in the front of the engine produces 64 hp (more Kel cars are not allowed), and the battery is only 20 kWh allows you to go on a single charge maximum 180 km on the cycle measuring WLTC. The maximum speed of cars is 130 km/h.

Despite the relatively modest features, the equipment of these babies (length 3395 mm) is good: there is a 9-inch screen multimedia system, LED headlights, wheels 14 or 15 inches, automatic valet, cruise control, and has a function e-Pedal, when a car can be managed without actually touching the foot brake.

The Nissan Sakura’s stated price is $18,200 (the Mitsubishi EK X EV is $500 more expensive). But thanks to government subsidies, the Sakura can be bought for $13,900.