New Tesla 4680 battery cells puzzled the first owners

New Tesla 4680 battery cells puzzled the first owners 1

The first Tesla customers have already received Model Y crossovers produced at the company’s facility in Texas. These cars are somewhat different from those made in California: their bodies are welded from large, one-piece panels, and the battery is assembled from the latest 4680-format batteries.

Actually, the difficulties with the mass production of these batteries have led to the fact that so far very few cars are produced in Texas.

Tesla traditionally does not name the battery capacity of its electric vehicles, limiting itself only to the power reserve. So, for the Model Y of the Texas assembly, it is 279 miles or 449 kilometers according to the EPA methodology.

On the YouTube channel, Spoken Reviews conducted their test with charging the crossover and found out that when fully filled, 67.5 kilowatt-hours fit into the battery. At the same time, earlier users were able to count 828 cells of size 4680 in the battery. With a capacity of 98 watt-hours each, the total capacity of the entire unit should be 81.4 kilowatt-hours.

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This discrepancy may be explained by the fact that Tesla forcibly limits the capacity used by new batteries, not being sure of their reliability and durability. This is a typical practice for an automaker. Having received more data, the company traditionally updates the software of already sold machines “by air”, after which more energy becomes available to users.

For comparison, the California-built Model Y battery with the “old” 2170 batteries has a full capacity of 82 kilowatt-hours. Of these, only 75 kilowatt-hours were used, but later the manufacturer increased this value.

Recall that it is not yet possible to order a Texas-built Model Y through the Tesla website, you need to contact the company directly. According to some buyers, such crossovers are now two thousand dollars more expensive than California ones.