New Ford Raptor Pickups Stolen from Warehouse, Three Arrested

New Ford Raptor Pickups Stolen from Warehouse, Three Arrested 1

Detroit police report that Ford pickups were stolen from the factory again. This time, the attackers decided to steal high-performance Raptor series pickups. Three suspects have already been arrested.

The Ford Raptor is a popular pickup truck, which makes it a big target for thieves. Last night, robbers stole several of these Raptors from a Ford warehouse near the Dearborn-Detroit border. Police in Michigan, USA chased one of the cars, and officers were able to make many arrests and return the truck along with the stolen Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

“According to the Detroit News, police chased the Raptor to the area where they found the truck abandoned near the house.”

Then the police stopped the car leaving the house and found a man in a ski mask in the car. The callers who reported the stolen cars to the police around 9 p.m. noted that the kidnappers were wearing ski masks.

The police detained three people in the case of car theft. Officers not only recovered the stolen Raptor but also found three more cars that had been stolen, many sets of keys, and stolen firearms. Initially, the police chased the stolen cars on the ground, but the Michigan State Police also requested a helicopter to help track the cars, which led the police to the abandoned truck.

This is not the first time thieves have stolen a Ford Raptor. Last month, police found 13 copies of the Raptor stolen from the Ford plant in Dearborn. The trucks were stolen from the warehouse on June 17, and by June 22, the police found them in many places. However, the police found them in disassembled condition.

New Ford Raptor Pickups Stolen from Warehouse, Three Arrested 3