Musk announced the rise in the price of the yet-to-be-released Tesla Cybertruck

Musk announced the rise in the price of the yet-to-be-released Tesla Cybertruck 1

The characteristics and cost of the commercial version of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup will differ from those announced in 2019. This was announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk during the Cyber Roundup shareholders’ meeting. Almost two and a half years have passed since the premiere of the model, and during this time the world has changed a lot: the car industry has been affected by COVID, a shortage of chips, rising prices for raw materials, and accelerated global inflation. All this was “impossible to foresee,” the top manager said.

Prices for Cybetruck were announced at the end of 2019 — on the eve of the start of a chain of global events that changed the market. Then booking an electric car cost only $99. The full price of the basic version with one engine on the rear axle was supposed to be 39.9 thousand dollars, the twin-engine version — 49.9 thousand, and the three-engine version with two engines on the rear axle – 69.9 thousand.

If Cybertruck does enter the market after many transfers, its price will change — of course, not downward. However, for those who closely follow the product, this did not come as a surprise: Tesla removed the pickup price list from the site last fall. What the new price tag will be, we can only guess.

The same applies to changes in characteristics. In 2019, Tesla promised acceleration from a standstill to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.5-2.9 seconds, depending on the performance and the power reserve in the “top” is more than 800 kilometers.

Since then, there has been a lot of controversy around Cybertruck, but mostly they are concerned with its design, because of which the model could remain without certification in a number of countries. Musk even declared his readiness to replace it with a more traditional pickup truck if a non-standard appearance interferes with entering the market.

In June 2022, it became known that the exterior of the Cybertruck was finally approved. It should reach the assembly line in mid-2023, which was confirmed again by Musk: and in the coming months, the installation and commissioning of equipment will begin at the Gigafactory in Texas.

Source: InsideEVs