MotoGP: Stefan Bradl reports on progress in fixing overheating problems

MotoGP: Stefan Bradl reports on progress in fixing overheating problems 1

The RC test rider Stefan Bradl conducted two days of tests in Jerez to solve the problem of overheating RC213-V, which burned his leg in the race at the Sachsenring:

Now we are ready to face extreme heat in Spielberg, Misano, Aragon, Buriram, and Malaysia.

It was summer heat in Jerez last week, and you don’t need to be a prophet to guess that the Honda Test Team took the opportunity to experiment with measures to make riding a Honda RC213 in extreme heat more bearable.

At the German Grand Prix, the 32-year-old Bavarian even got burns on his right leg in a race at an air temperature of 36 degrees, because Honda can’t stand the heat. Honda racers did not score a single point in that race, which happened for the first time in more than 40 years.

Stefan Bradl:

On Thursday, we had an asphalt temperature of more than 60 degrees. Therefore, logically it made sense for us to solve the heat problem. We were able to improve something in this regard. Honda engineers had several ideas on how to improve airflow. We can certainly face intense heat again in Spielberg, in Misano, in Aragon, then in Buriram and Malaysia. At the moment it is very hot even in Donington at the Superbike World Championship. Of course, the conditions at the Sachsenring were exceptional, nevertheless, we must arm ourselves for such conditions. Honda engineers saw it too. Our comments were clearly accepted.

So far, Paul Espargaro has been constantly asking for an improvement in the rear wheel grip, while Marc Marquez craved more feeling for the front wheel. The perfect balance between these two extremes was never found in the first eleven Grands Prix.

Now we began to understand why we were so weak until now. We started with this test in Jerez. At least now we understand where to start. It will take some time before a solution is found. Our problem will not be solved either before the next Grand Prix or in the next two months. But we are slowly beginning to understand what is wrong. There are some pretty serious parts in the chassis area that will need to be replaced, but it’s doable. I think we will see more updates on this season. Something will definitely appear in the races, which will lead to significant changes. I cannot say when it will happen, because it is not in my power.