MotoGP: Pecco Bagnaia – about Casey Stoner’s important advice that helped him change everything

MotoGP: Pecco Bagnaia - about Casey Stoner's important advice that helped him change everything 1

Francesco Bagnaia revealed exactly what important advice Casey Stoner gave him last year, thanks to which he learned to cope with all the “difficulties” of Ducati Desmosedici during MotoGP races.

There is a certain connection between Pecco and Casey. This is something beyond ordinary human communications, rather mental or subconscious: but according to the chief of the Bagnaia team, Francesco had his own superpower from the first day of work at Ducati – this is an incredible ability to warm up tires very quickly and bring them to working condition immediately after the start of the race. Casey Stoner had the same outstanding feature when he worked with Ducati (until 2011)!

Stoner has not met with Ducati pilots in the role of an adviser for a very long time, but this practice returned in the fall of 2020. And such meetings brought great benefits to Bagnaia. It is known that Casey gave Pecco some “magic advice”, thanks to which he immediately revealed his super talent in the Desmosedici saddle. What was it?

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“I wouldn’t call it ‘advice’ because I’ve tried to do it in races before. Yes, in general, it’s not even a secret – this advice,” Bagnaia began to explain, smiling. – The key point is the style of piloting, which brings an advantage. I try to provide more traction on the rear wheel at every moment of the race. The important point is that the tires have changed a lot today, and they need to be worked more carefully than before.”

“Now we have to drive completely differently, because during the race we have to change the style of piloting twice or three times, adapting to the condition of the tire to ensure control of the rubber until the end of the race. In the first part of the race, you can get wet with all your might, not paying attention, but after 5-6 laps the situation changes dramatically because the rubber discharge is significant. My style is precisely to load the rear wheel according to the level of wear. As well as braking. Therefore, a riding style like Casey’s really helps.”