MotoGP: Enea Bastianini reveals strategy for the second half of the 2022 season

MotoGP: Enea Bastianini reveals strategy for the second half of the 2022 season 1

Enea Bastianini closes the top 5 of the MotoGP World Championship with 67 points behind the leader, Fabio Quartararo, trailing Pecco Bagnaia, only 1 point behind the factory rider. But Enea is ahead of Jorge Martin, his main Ducati line rival. Bastianini seems to already know his future, and quietly reveals his plan for the second half of the 2022 season.

Ducati Corse did not announce team lineups for 2023 at World Ducati Week, deciding to keep the intrigue to the last. The announcement should finally be made at Silverstone. But if everything is already decided, the papers are actually signed, with the big presentation we can certainly wait until the San Marino Grand Prix…

Bastianini blew things up in MotoGP by winning three Grand Prix – at Qatar, Austin, and Le Mans – and topped the Ducati rider rankings until mid-season, but not the rankings in the general classification.

What Bastianini has lacked so far is the stability of the result. For example, Joan Zarco, who will definitely stay with Pramac Racing for 2023, took 4 podiums but no wins, however, he earned more points. The reason for this is precisely the stability: Enea allowed 3 falls and the Frenchman’s average earnings per weekend were higher!

Winning and falling are two extremes of the same essence: driving on the edge of the possible, but without absolute control of the situation

Obviously, the 24-year-old Italian has already had a decisive conversation with Ducati bosses, where they explained to him this much-valued feature of a MotoGP title contender. And that’s because Ducati needs contenders, not just riders. The announcement with Jorge Martin was delayed for the same reason: before the German Grand Prix, Ducati Corse sports director Paolo Ciabatti hinted that Jorge was given the opportunity to show his potential as a contender once again. He showed what he could at the Sachsenring and TT Circuit Assen, and with this new data, Ducati bosses went on vacation – leafing through analytics, counting, and thinking deeply. There was plenty of time both to make a decision and to communicate it to the teams and riders.

MotoGP: Enea Bastianini reveals strategy for the second half of the 2022 season 3

After all, Ducati teams today announce their decisions only after they are approved at Borgo-Panigale.

“The break was long, but for me, it was useful: there was enough time to analyze all the mistakes I made in the first half of the season. Silverstone is one of my favorite tracks, I want to get back on the road to success there. I showed my level at the beginning of the season, but then I started to make mistakes. While I can forgive this, I should not think so – you have to move forward all the time! The main thing that kept me from getting ahead of the Ducati was instability. And in the second half we want to be more consistent, to show a straight increase in the result,” said Bastianini before leaving for the UK.

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In another interview, but with the Italian media, Bastianini added that he will slow down where he knows he will not be able to win: “I know that at Silverstone we will have a chance of success, maybe a win. I also know the tracks where I have to watch out. We’re not going to be as aggressive, we’re going to try to take the highest place that’s really available. That way we can move forward without unnecessary risk.”

Ahead of the British Grand Prix in the MotoGP championship this is the situation:

  1. Fabio Cuartararo (Yamaha) – 172
  2. Ales Espargaro (Aprilia) – 151
  3. Joan Zarco (Ducati) – 114
  4. Pekko Bagnaia (Ducati) – 106
  5. Enea Bastianini (Ducati) – 105
  6. Brad Binder (KTM) – 93