Miller and Rinaldi swapped motorcycles

Miller and Rinaldi swapped motorcycles 1

On the first day of World Ducati Week 2022 in Misano, Jack Miller and Michael Rinaldi (superbike pilot) attracted attention. During one of the demonstration trips, Rinaldi approached Jack when he greeted the audience and asked him to swap motorcycles. Jack thought-thought, and made the perfect decision to agree! The riders returned to the pits on other people’s motorcycles, which greatly surprised Gigi Dallinha, Davide Tardozzi, and Paolo Ciabatti.

That’s how Michael Ruben Rinaldi first tried out a MotoGP motorcycle. His partner and by correspondence superbike leader Alvaro Bautista did this before joining SBK, so there was no such impulse on his part.

Michael Rinaldi commented on this episode during a press conference in the evening:

It’s WDW! We’re all Ducati pilots here, a big family. I had a chance, and I took it! I approached Jack, who, fortunately, turned out to be crazy enough to accept my challenge. It wasn’t a very smart move, because I don’t have a signed contract yet, but it feels incredible. It’s cool that I’m not the only crazy person here and Jack supported me! The MotoGP bike is very powerful, it was a great pleasure for me to try it out.