Michigan Companies Accused of Selling Devices that Underestimate Emissions

Michigan Companies Accused of Selling Devices that Underestimate Emissions 1

According to automotive media, two companies from Michigan, USA, were fined $10 million for selling devices that underestimate the real level of emissions of harmful substances.

We are talking about the companies Diesel Ops LLC and Orion Diesel LLC — both companies were awarded a civil fine of $10 million from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In 2021, it was found that these companies violated the “Clean Air Act” by manufacturing, selling, and installing accessories known as “defeat devices”. These devices are designed to change the readings of the actual level of exhaust pollution.

These two companies are owned by Nicholas Piccolo, who was also fined $455,925 for not responding to an information request sent in accordance with the Clean Air Act.

Piccolo also received a judgment in the amount of just under $1 million for alleged fraudulent transfers in violation of the Federal Law on Debt Collection Procedures.

“Defeat devices violate the Clean Air Act’s requirements for emissions that protect public health and the environment, including by protecting vulnerable communities that are disproportionately affected by air pollution,” said Assistant Attorney General Todd Kim of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Department of Justice (ENRD). “The United States will actively enforce the Clean Air Act, including banning illegal devices that circumvent emissions controls and harm the environment and public health.”

“This action sends a strong signal that the sale and installation of emergency devices on vehicles and engines is unacceptable,” said Debra Shore. “Vehicle emissions control systems are designed to protect public health by reducing pollution, which is why the Environmental Protection Agency is committed to ensuring companies comply with the Clean Air Act.”