Mercedes presented the supercar AMG ONE: 1,063 hp and five engines at once

Mercedes presented the supercar AMG ONE: 1,063 hp and five engines at once 1

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled possibly the coolest car in its history that is designed for public roads – it is called the Mercedes-AMG ONE.

“With the Mercedes-AMG ONE, we have gone beyond what is possible. The enormous technical challenges of building a modern Formula One powertrain suitable for everyday road use certainly pushed us to the limit. During the development, I thought that the project would be impossible to implement”, – said the Chairman of the Board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH Philip Schiemer.

For the first time, the Mercedes-AMG ONE talked about five and a half years ago, when the Germans declared their desire to build a supercar with technologies from Formula 1. And on June 1, 2022, this model was officially introduced. And it does have a formula engine. More precisely, a formula power plant.

Its power is an insane 1,063 hp (or 782 kW). Such a herd is produced by one internal combustion engine with a volume of only 1.6 liters and four electric motors at once. Two of them work in front of each of the wheels, one works together with the gasoline unit, and the fourth is associated with a turbocharger.

Of course, it’s not just a petrol engine. It is a 1.6 liter V6, which has no mechanical valve springs but is pneumatic. It is capable to accelerate up to 11 thousand rpm. It could have been more, but the revs were limited to preserve the resource. The power of the engine is 574 hp, but more impressive is its specific power – 359 hp per liter of volume! By the way, this motor is located in the middle in front of the rear axle. According to the engineers, this engine, which works together with a unique turbocharging system (the compressor is capable to spin up to 100,000 rpm), instantly reacts to a gas pedal. Allegedly even better than the mighty petrol V8 does.

About the top speed – it is limited. But not at habitual for German automobiles level of 250 km/h, but at a mark of 352 km/h. Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h in 2,9 seconds. And up to 200 km/h, the car accelerates in 7 seconds!

Mercedes presented the supercar AMG ONE: 1,063 hp and five engines at once 3

It is interesting that during the start-up of the car the front electric motors will work only for the first time, at the same time the catalytic converter will start heating up. And the internal combustion engine will not start until the desired catalytic converter temperature is reached!

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The car will have six operating modes:

  • Race Safe: standard program with hybrid mode and all-electric starting. Only when more power is required will the internal combustion engine be activated.
  • Race: Hybrid driving mode with a special charging strategy. The internal combustion engine runs continuously and can charge the high-voltage battery more so that full power is always available.
  • EV: All-electric mode.
  • Race Plus (racing only): active aerodynamics, 37 mm lowered suspension at the front and 30 mm at the rear, stiffer chassis tuning.
  • Strat 2 (racing only): active aerodynamics, even tighter suspension settings, and 37 mm lower in front and 30 mm in the rear. Full power to all engines, as in Formula 1 qualifying.
  • Individual: settings according to personal preferences.
Mercedes presented the supercar AMG ONE: 1,063 hp and five engines at once 5

It’s worth noting that this car uses batteries with a capacity of only 8.4 kWh, but it has a very sophisticated cooling system (taken from the Formula 1 world, too) that keeps the batteries at 45 degrees Celsius. 8.4 kWh is not the biggest indicator for the modern world, but about 18 km of the supercar will be able to travel exclusively on electricity.

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Interestingly, even rims and tires have been developed specifically for the Mercedes-AMG ONE! The model is equipped with 10-spoke forged aluminum wheels with a central nut. The wheels have a special aerodynamic shape. And 9-spoke magnesium wheels are available on request. At the front, the Mercedes-AMG ONE is fitted with 285/35 ZR 19 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R M01 tires, which were designed specifically for the hypercar, and at the rear – 335/30 ZR 20. The exclusivity of the tires is reflected in the design of their sidewall, which includes a silhouette of the car and the number 1.

We should also note another interesting feature: the usual rearview mirror in the cabin is absent. Because of aerodynamic elements, nothing would be visible through it. Therefore, instead of the mirror, there is a screen in the Mercedes-AMG ONE that shows data from the rear-view camera.

It is assumed that a total of 275 such cars will be made. The approximate price of each is $2 million.