Mercedes-Benz will do away with manual transmission from 2023

Mercedes-Benz will do away with manual transmission from 2023 1

Mercedes-Benz is planning to phase out the manual transmission. By 2023, the German manufacturer will stop producing cars with three pedals. This decision was made due to the low consumer demand for such models, as well as the ongoing development of electric and hybrid technologies. At the same time, future cars with the three-pointed stars, powered by combustion engines, will be built on platforms developed for battery models.

According to Mercedes-Benz executives, more and more people around the world are opting for electric and hybrid cars. Therefore, the company believes that it is no longer cost-effective to invest in the production of manual transmissions. At the moment, only some versions of the A-Class, B-Class, and CLA are still made with a three-pedal setup. And in some countries, such as the U.S., even these models are no longer available with a “manual transmission”.

By the end of the decade, Mercedes-Benz plans to completely revamp its lineup, focusing on electric cars. Until then, the company will continue to produce cars with classic internal combustion engines, but they will be based on platforms developed primarily for battery cars.

Mercedes-Benz announced plans to abandon manual transmission back in 2020. At the same time, company representatives announced universal modular architectures for future models.