Mercedes-AMG S63 could get over 700-Hp

Mercedes-AMG S63 could get over 700-Hp 1

A high-performance Mercedes-AMG S63 sedan equipped with a plug-in hybrid power plant can get over 700 “horses”, this was told by journalists who saw a test prototype of this version of the sedan.

Mercedes S-class is the flagship model of the German automaker. It is equipped with luxury features and advanced systems, and the automaker is preparing a more powerful S63 model with a plug-in hybrid engine. A new video from the YouTube channel Car spotter Jeroen gives a look at how this version of the sedan rushes along the famous Nurburgring race track.

“The video shows how Mercedes continues to hide the front and rear panels of the S63 under a thin camouflage film, but this only hides minor changes made to the style of the sedan.”

The S63 will receive a pan-American branded false radiator grille and four exhaust pipes. It will have a lower suspension and other performance improvements such as bigger brakes.

Mercedes carefully hides details about the S63 engine. If you believe the rumors, then we are talking about a V8 engine with a double turbo and an additional electric motor, while the total power will be more than 700 horsepower. The automatic transmission directs power to all four wheels.

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There are rumors that Mercedes can offer an even more “hot” version of the novelty, which can develop a power of up to 800 hp. Rumors about such a model have been circulating since September 2020, and this is not excluded. Mercedes produces the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E-Performance with a capacity of 831 liters.

Mercedes-AMG S63 could get over 700-Hp 3

“Spy” pictures showed the interior, and the Mercedes is not much different from the standard S-class. While we saw the interior of the S-class when the new model was released in 2020, Mercedes tried to hide it in the AMG version, so the company could make a few styling changes. We don’t expect significant changes compared to the standard S-Class, but there will be a lot of AMG corporate identity inside.