Manhart announced the tuning of the new BMW M2

Manhart announced the tuning of the new BMW M2 1

Tuning studio Manhart, which has made a name for itself by creating powerful cars based on various models of German automakers, just a few weeks after the official premiere of the new generation of the BMW M2 model in the G87 body, is ready to take up the refinement of the compact coupe. For the car, a set of tuning parts, traditional by the standards of the German company, is announced, designed to highlight the latest creation of Manhart specialists against the background of standard cars and other tuning projects.

The BMW M2 is available so far in a single configuration with a 460-horsepower 3.0-liter gasoline turbo engine S58, which is already familiar with other BMW M models. The well—known unit with tuning programs already prepared for BMW M3 and BMW M4 made it possible to quickly upgrade the novelty – a new control program and a sports exhaust increased the power to 560 forces.

Of the other technical improvements, traditionally for Manhart, only changes to the suspension are proposed. For the MH2 560, you can either choose springs that reduce ground clearance or install coil overs. There is no other modernization of the German coupe on the technical side.

Manhart announced the tuning of the new BMW M2 3

For the exterior, in addition to the traditional gold decals, a new aerodynamic body kit was announced, and in an uncharacteristic massive style for the company with a stationary wing and a spoiler at the rear window. The body kit elements are made of carbon fiber. It is proposed to supplement them with new wheels of the Manhart Concave One.