Main pros and cons of frame SUVs

Main pros and cons of frame SUVs 1

Many manufacturers have taken the path of abandoning the frame structure of the car in favor of a load-bearing body. Due to the good quality of materials and modern technologies, cars with a load-bearing body do not lose much in rigidity and at the same time, they are lighter. Nevertheless, it is the frame structure that provides a large load capacity.

This factor is very important, especially for pickups. Also, there will be no alternative to frame cars in driving on real off-road – we are talking not just about a rural road, but about overcoming dirt and stones, where the load on the suspension increases significantly.

“Among the disadvantages of frame SUVs, it is worth highlighting a large body mass – and this is a large consumption of gasoline and the worst dynamics.”

It is more difficult to drive such a car even at high speeds. Thus, the conclusion is simple – there is no place for frame SUVs in the city. But in difficult conditions they are irreplaceable.

Main pros and cons of frame SUVs 3
Main pros and cons of frame SUVs 5