Lucid Air electric car drove more than 1,100 kilometers without recharging

Lucid Air electric car drove more than 1,100 kilometers without recharging 1

Electric sedan Lucid Air, introduced in 2020, in the longest-range version is able to travel more than 800 kilometers without recharging – such is the range declared by the manufacturer. American bloggers from the YouTube channel The Kilowatts decided to check whether the electric car can overcome a greater distance if you apply hypermiling – a technique aimed at maximum energy efficiency. As a result, the electric sedan drove 1106.2 kilometers.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition Range participated in the race with a “passport” range of 837 kilometers – 185 kilometers more than the Tesla Model S Long Range. As the route was chosen a section of ordinary road in Utah, on which the electric car circled at a speed of 43 kilometers per hour. When deciding a road, the bloggers looked at the condition of the asphalt, congestion, and – just in case – the proximity of charging stations.

The driver was changed every three hours. During the run, which lasted more than a day, the electric car had to replace the wheel. If not for this force majeure and not too favorable weather conditions, Air would have driven, even more, bloggers note.

Initially, they aimed for the Guinness world record for the distance covered by the electric car without solar panels – 1607 kilometers. However, it was set by the experimental electric vehicle The Phoenix, specially built using recycled materials.

The Lucid Air battery was wholly discharged at 1106.2 kilometers. This is far from the target, but it was enough for the world record for the range of a production electric car on a public road.

Source: The Kilowatts