License plates in California will be replaced with stickers

License plates in California will be replaced with stickers 1

The government of California has approved the use of bumper stickers instead of traditional registration plates. The main goal of the unusual project, which has been developed since 2013, will be a new opportunity for car owners to use design plates that will not spoil the appearance of the front of the vehicle. The new solution will be in demand among owners of sports cars and electric vehicles.

Alternative license plates have been developed in the USA since 2013. Two years later, an experiment was launched in the country, in which 28 police cars were allowed to use stickers instead of front license plates. At the moment, the authorities have decided to expand the program to private car owners who will be able to place designer stickers on the front bumpers of their cars. Anyone can make a replacement by contacting a government-accredited company. The cost of one of the eight sticker options will cost customers $85.

The experiment will last until 2023. According to the authors of the initiative, several thousand Americans are already interested in the new opportunity. Most often, owners of electric cars and sports cars want to replace traditional numbers with stickers, for whom it is important to maintain a presentable appearance and aerodynamics of vehicles.

At the end of April, an auction was held in the UAE, during which an unknown businessman purchased a car registration plate AA8. The buyer paid $9.5 million for a “beautiful” number.

Source: Jalopnik