Kove Motorcycles enter the world market

Kove Motorcycles enter the world market 1

Kove Motorcycles – Tibetan company founded in 1995 and also known as the name Tibet Summit Colove Motorcycle Sales. Yes, yes, these are the very Chinese who decided to revive the Screamers – their 400 ccs four-cylinder inline engine develops a maximum power of 74 hp at 13,500 pm. By the way, they decided to produce motorcycles for public roads, created on the basis of a sports rally-raid device.

To enter foreign markets, the Chinese decided to simplify the name to the maximum by choosing a consonant, but short name “Kove” instead of “Colove”. And immediately registering the trademark “Kove Hyper” in a number of Southeast Asian countries, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Mongolia, Canada, and the USA.

Kove Motorcycles enter the world market 3

Now the Kove Motorcycles lineup consists of several models equipped with a 321 cc engine, as well as a “five-hundred” with an inline “two”, leading its pedigree from the Honda CB500 power unit. But in addition to this, Kove has new developments, in particular, the 400RR sports bike and the Excelle 800R sports bike, and the 800RR sports bike equipped with a 105-horsepower inline “two” with a working volume of 800 “cubes”.

It seems that a serious redistribution of spheres of influence is coming to the motor market.

Kove Motorcycles enter the world market 5