In Germany, Tesla Supercharger fast charging stations will be banned

In Germany, Tesla Supercharger fast charging stations will be banned 1

The German government may prohibit the operation of stations for fast charging of Tesla Supercharger electric vehicles. Such a decision is due to local laws that provide for the need for a meter at such stations that demonstrate the consumption of electricity in kilowatt-hours. It turned out that in all installations of the American corporation there is no such solution.

There are no such counters in the Tesla Supercharger since information about the battery charging process is displayed on the onboard system of electric vehicles or a mobile application. Despite the fact that many charging stations from other manufacturers are also not equipped with similar equipment, Tesla is recognized as the largest violator of German law.

The American company has a large Supercharger network throughout Germany. Only near Dusseldorf, there are about 40 stations, and the cost of refueling at which is 70 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity. At the same time, the government of the country does not plan to immediately fine Tesla or close electric gas stations. In order to avoid the sanctions of the corporation, it is necessary to upgrade the charging in accordance with local legislation.

In early August, Tesla offered an unusual way to combat the heat in Europe. The automaker installed a swimming pool next to the Supercharger station, in which he offered electric car owners to wait for the batteries to be charged.

Source: Handelsblatt