In California, they switched to digital license plates

In California, they switched to digital license plates 1

California has officially switched to digital license plates. Reviver, a company that produces electronic license plates for vehicles, announced that the pilot operation was successful, and now every resident of the state can choose digital license plates when registering a new car or replace the usual metal plate with a waterproof display with a monthly subscription fee from $20 to $25.

Digital license plate tests were launched in the United States almost five years ago, and now a bill has been passed in California that allows electronic devices that “meet certain criteria” to be used as license plates. So far, the only manufacturer of such registration plates is Reviver.

Drivers who strive to be on the cutting edge of technology have two options: order a battery-powered digital number or a wired connection. In the first case, the subscription fee will be $19.95 per month, and for this money, the manufacturer will provide the buyer with a replaceable battery with a service life of five years. A wired electronic number costs $24.95 per month, and professional installation and illumination are mandatory for it.

The advantages of digital numbers are the ability to broadcast advertising during stops and parking of the vehicle, an indication that the car is stolen (at the request of the owner), as well as the possibility of visual personalization. In addition, a GPS tracker is built into the room, which will allow the owner to see the location of the car.

So far, electronic numbers are allowed for sale in four states — California, Michigan, Arizona, and Texas. Ten more American states are at different stages of adopting the new technology.