Hyundai officially revealed the characteristics of the new Ioniq 6 long before the car’s debut

Hyundai officially revealed the characteristics of the new Ioniq 6 long before the car's debut 1
Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai Ioniq 6 2022 has not officially debuted yet, but the manufacturer has already provided a number of characteristics of the new car.

As follows from the message of the Hyundai representative, the length of the sedan is 4,855 mm, height — 1,495 mm, width — 1,880 mm, and the size of the wheelbase — 2,950 mm. Based on the dimensions provided, it becomes clear that the novelty will be a little more compact than its predecessor Sonata. If we talk about the Ioniq 6 salon, then there will be a little more space here, despite the reduced dimensions, this became possible due to the absence of a transmission tunnel and a thoughtful layout.

Recall that Hyundai originally planned to introduce the Ioniq 6 at the beginning of this year, but the timing was shifted. It was reported that this became necessary to refine the aerodynamics of the body. But as it became known later, the fault was the shortage of components. Currently, the presentation of Ioniq 6 is scheduled for June 2022.

The Ioniq 6 will be the Korean automaker’s first fully electrified model. It will also be the first car that will communicate with pedestrians and other cars using light signals, and the radiator grille will be LED. No automaker has ever offered such innovative solutions before.

Detailed technical specifications for the Ioniq 6 have not been disclosed, it is only known that the car will be equipped with a 77.4-kilowatt battery, while the power reserve has not been announced. It is expected that the Ioniq 6 will be equipped with two electric motors, which together will be able to produce 308 horsepower.