Hyundai can turn the electric car Ioniq 6 into a stylish station wagon

Hyundai can turn the electric car Ioniq 6 into a stylish station wagon 1

Hyundai chief designer SangYup Lee confirmed that the Ioniq 6 can be an excellent basis for a more practical model with a Shooting Brake body. Another hint concerned a potential high—performance version – Ioniq 6 N. Since the technically close crossover Ioniq 5 N is due to debut in 2023, there are no obstacles to the release of a “charged” electric sedan.

SangYup Lee bluntly stated that he could make an “exceptional Shooting Brake” out of the Ioniq 6. Since Genesis and Kia have models with this type of body, the likelihood of an effective station wagon under the Hyundai brand increases. As for the Ioniq 6 with the letter N, nothing prevents you from installing a power plant from the co-platform Kia EV6 GT on the “six”.

Curiously, officials have already started talking about a possible expansion of the Ioniq 6 line, although Hyundai has not disclosed all the technical specifications and has not named a start date for sales. At the same time, SangYup Lee made it clear that Ioniq electric cars will be updated more technically than externally, that is, transformations of the “timeless” design are not expected during the life cycle of the models.

In his native country, Hyundai is investing more than $16.5 billion in the production of electric cars until 2030. Such large-scale investments will make it possible to produce almost 1.5 million electric vehicles annually in South Korea. The goal of the conglomerate Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, and Ioniq is to achieve an annual production of 3.23 million “battery” cars.

Source: AutoExpress