Hyundai and Kia offices were searched: companies face ′Dieselgate′

Hyundai and Kia offices were searched: companies face ′Dieselgate′ 1

The European offices of Korean Hyundai and Kia were searched in connection with suspicions of fraud with measurements of harmful emissions. According to Bloomberg, eight offices of companies in Germany and Luxembourg were examined by 140 representatives of the prosecutor’s office. It is alleged that manufacturers used “deceptive” equipment and software to artificially underestimate the volume of harmful emissions — if the accusations are confirmed, the companies will face “Dieselgate”.

An investigation is also underway against BorgWarner and Robert Bosch GmbH, which allegedly supplied fraudulent software to automakers.

Kia and Hyundai confirmed that their premises had been searched and said they were ready to cooperate with the authorities. BorgWarner also promised assistance in the course of the investigation, and Robert Bosch GmbH said that they had settled all disagreements with the authorities back in 2019.

According to the Frankfurt Prosecutor’s Office, about 210 thousand cars sold before 2020 could be equipped with “deceptive” software that turned off the systems for reducing harmful emissions of diesel engines while driving. The owners, of course, were not notified that their cars were actually “dirtier” than claimed and that they violated EU regulations.

The loudest diesel scandal to date is connected with Volkswagen. It flared up in 2015 when the concern was caught cheating during tests for the content of exhaust gases. Then Volkswagen had to recall and even buy 11 million Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, and Seat cars with EA189 diesel engines from the owners. The total amount of losses from “Dieselgate” amounted to 35 billion euros.

Source: Bloomberg