Hummer to increase the ground clearance of its electric vehicles to 40 cm

Hummer to increase the ground clearance of its electric vehicles to 40 cm 1

GMC brand, part of the General Motors concern and resurrected the Hummer name for its electric pickup truck and SUV, announced that the cars will soon receive a significant increase in ground clearance. And not only those that will soon arrive at customers, but also the few cars already sold.

So far, the Hummer has had two air suspension ground clearance modes. “Normal”, at which the clearance was 257 mm, and “elevated” to 302 mm. Now a third one is added, “enlarged”. With it, the ground clearance will reach a fantastic 404 mm.

The manufacturer assures that the update will allow bypassing all competitors, both gasoline and electric, by this indicator. Note, however, that the air suspension in its upper position has extremely limited wheel travel, which can only harm off-road. However, if you need to overcome a high curb or “get off your belly” in a rut, the new model will be salvation.

The update will be available to Hummer owners by air. Only a few buyers of the very first cars will be forced to stop by dealerships to install the necessary body height sensor.

GMC officially started delivering Hummer electric pickups in 2021, but statistics later showed that a single car was delivered until January. At the beginning of 2022, deliveries increased, but still, from January to April, only 99 customers received their electric cars. However, the company did not promise to start mass production earlier than a year after the start of the first deliveries.