How fast is the 372 hp TTS SuperBusa supercharged at 1/4 mile?

How fast is the 372 hp TTS SuperBusa supercharged at 1/4 mile? 1

The body was designed by Car Lee, and the modifications were handled by TTS Performance, which produces 40 such motorcycles for buyers so that they can purchase them in an extremely limited edition.

There remains at least one question that probably interests people, namely: how fast can this motorcycle travel a quarter of a mile? To find out, the team decided to go to the legendary Santa Pod Raceway.

As Richard Albans of TTS points out, this is a standard wheelbase and standard tires. Apart from the motorcycle boost, TTS did nothing else mechanically when it was being retrofitted. While some other drag racing enthusiasts thought they could probably do better with all that power, getting a good time means successfully applying that power in the best possible way. Things like headwind (which was definitely present), the condition of the track (fortunately dry) and the weight of the rider are also important factors.

It was crowded that day in the Run What You Brung class in Santa Pod – and therefore, during the eight-hour race day, the TTS team held only six races. Of course, most of the time was spent learning how the settings work and how to use them better. As it turned out, traction control should simply be turned off.

By the sixth race of the TTS, it was possible to reduce the time to 9.9, after the bike had run for 10 seconds the whole previous day. But the following week they came back again.

“It’s not surprising that a week of reflection and assimilation of what they learned obviously did good. The second weekend, all of their time was in the black – and gradually got lower and lower, eventually reaching 9.3 by the end of the day.”