Honda NX500: Waiting for a new mid-sized turbo?

Honda NX500: Waiting for a new mid-sized turbo? 1
NX650 Dominator

The Japanese company Honda has filed patent applications for the right to use “NX” and “NX500” in the names of new motorcycle models.

The decision to revive the family of dual-purpose motorcycles NX looks more than reasonable. With the obvious market demand for low-cost action and the presence of the model range “Honda” 471 ccs inline “two” creation of tourist Enduro with a 500-cubic-inch engine should be treated with little blood.

Honda successfully produces and sells the CB500X crossover, which is actually a little brother of the NC750. If to replace wheels on 21″ and 18″, to put more long-stroke suspensions and to reduce the plastic quantity, the real successor NX650 Dominator will turn out.

Honda NX500: Waiting for a new mid-sized turbo? 3
The Honda CB500X is the optimal “billet” for the release of the NX500

One thing is surprising – the patent application mentions “NX” but there is no loud name “Dominator” which was used for Enduro NX650… Actually, it’s simple: Norton now owns the rights to the “Dominator” name in all major markets. And the previously registered “Honda Dominator” trademark in Europe was revoked in 2019 due to non-use. Therefore, it will simply be the NX500.