Honda announces two new electric sports cars

Honda announces two new electric sports cars 1

Honda held a presentation of its business strategy, which told about the plans to expand its lineup with electric cars by 2030. During the presentation, specialists have shown teaser images of two future electric sports cars, one of which is rumored to be the successor to the hybrid Honda NSX. Representatives of the company did not disclose any technical details.

Honda announced future electric cars through a single image, which models are covered with dense covers, under which you can see only the silhouettes of sports cars. Representatives of the brand did not disclose any details. However, experts expect that one of the battery models will replace the current generation of hybrid Honda NSX (in the U.S. the model is sold under the brand Acura). Acura’s vice president and brand manager John Ikeda indirectly hinted about it during the presentation.

Honda announces two new electric sports cars 3
Honda announces two new electric sports cars 5

The second electric car, judging by the shape of the body, is a “green” Grand Tourer. The company stressed that both electric sports cars will be the brand’s flagship models.

According to the new strategy, the company plans to release two electric SUVs for the North American market by 2024. Under the brand, Honda will appear in crossover Prologue, which is developed jointly with engineers from General Motors, and for the brand, Acura will release a separate battery model.

Ten new electric cars will appear in China by 2027. For the home market, experts will prepare miniature electric cars for commercial use already in two years. In addition, the company will develop budget electric cars in the middle of this decade. In total by 2030, the brand will present 30 battery models all over the world.

In early April, Honda and GM announced plans to develop a joint platform for the production of low-cost electric cars. The first battery-powered model based on the new architecture will debut in 2027.

Source: Honda