HiPhi Z high-tech electric sedan unveiled in China

HiPhi Z high-tech electric sedan unveiled in China 1

The other day was declassified high-tech electric sedan HiPhi Z, and now the network appeared with detailed specifications of new items.

In comparison with the firstborn of the brand (crossover HiPhi X), the four-door is perceived as an even more avant-garde and flamboyant car. To take at least its futuristic design.

The presented sedan has difficultly composed head optics; moreover, its headlights are matrix already in base and even adaptive. They are able to draw navigating tips directly on the road.

Rear lights are also remarkable. They are made in the form of large matrix blocks and can display various hints or smileys.

Besides the car received light panels on the doors. The latter is not just for beauty’s sake: they greet the passengers and can show the current charge of the traction battery.

The four-door has a large panoramic roof, which is heavily set back, partially replacing the standard rear window. The trunk lid accommodates a retractable spoiler.

HiPhi Z high-tech electric sedan unveiled in China 3

Other features of the car include frameless glass, rear doors that open against the move, and huge 22-inch regular wheels.

The saloon of the electric sedan has four separate seats, but only the front ones are equipped with electric adjustments. There is no dashboard as such – instead of it, a large projection display is installed.

The main element of the front panel is a huge screen of the multimedia system, which can be rotated 90 degrees if necessary (as in BYD cars). But there are almost no analog buttons in the cabin: sensors are installed even on a steering wheel.

Loaded HiPhi Z 2023 weighs 2,539 kg, and its body is made of steel and aluminum. In terms of dimensions, the sedan is quite large: its length is 5,036 mm, width – is 2,018 mm, and height – is 1,439 mm. The wheelbase is claimed to be 3 150 mm.

HiPhi Z high-tech electric sedan unveiled in China 5

The chassis design involves double wishbones at the front and a lot of leverage at the rear. Already the base model has an adaptive pneumatic suspension, and for an extra charge, you can order a steering mechanism on the rear axle.

It is reported that actuators of the last can turn back wheels by an angle up to 13,2 degrees. By the way, it is even more than the new Mercedes S-Class (+ 3.2).

There is an electric motor each on the front and rear axles. Each of them develops 336 hp, and therefore the total payoff of the installation is at the level of 672 forces. The dynamics of acceleration from 0-100 km/h is not called, but the maximum speed is known – 200 km/h.

The electric car has a traction battery capacity of 120 kWh. Thanks to this it can run up to 705 km (according to the Chinese cycle CLTC).

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HiPhi Z high-tech electric sedan unveiled in China 7

A third-level autopilot is also announced for the technological sedan. The workability of the latter provides frontal lidar installed on the roof with a range of up to 250 meters.

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Plus, there are thirteen cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors, and five-millimeter radars along the perimeter. And the car is also able to “communicate” with objects of road infrastructure (V2X protocol).

China is accepting orders for the HiPhi Z Sedan can be bought at a price of 600 to 800 thousand yuan. Thus, the novelty was more expensive than the crossover X.

First on the market will debut the top version of the model, and then we should expect the release of simpler versions (for example, with rear-wheel drive and five-seat saloon.

HiPhi Z high-tech electric sedan unveiled in China 9
HiPhi Z high-tech electric sedan unveiled in China 11