Gino Rea is finally coming home!

Gino Rea is finally coming home! 1

British motorcycle racer Gino Rea, who received several critical injuries in an accident at Suzuka 8 Hours, has pulled through! Today he flew home on a special flight from Mie Prefecture in Japan.

Rea got into a big accident in a bunch of Triangle turns during free practice before the final qualification of Suzuka 8 Hours, on August 6.

This is one of the most dangerous places, it was here that in 2003, under similar circumstances, the rising star of Japanese motorsport, MotoGP pilot Daijiro Kato tragically passed away. The departure of Gino Rea occurred according to unconfirmed data so far due to problems with the brakes. In critical condition, the Briton was evacuated to the leading clinic of the Mie Prefecture. For two days, doctors fought for the life of the athlete, because he suffered a lung injury, and he also began to have cerebral edema. Gino was allowed to see his wife, who kept everyone informed of the condition.

On August 17, Gino was completely stabilized and brought out of an artificial coma. It took another 3 weeks for transportability. On September 4, Gino’s wife announced that he was finally being prepared to return home, where he was waiting for a long rehabilitation.