Gasoline prices in the U.S. have jumped to a record high

Gasoline prices in the U.S. have jumped to a record high 1

Fuel prices continue to rise in the United States: on June 6, another historical record was set when the cost of one gallon rose to $4,919. For comparison: a week ago, fuel was sold on average for $4.6, and a year ago — for three dollars. At the same time, the most expensive fuel today is in the state of California. There, a gallon of gasoline of the popular Regular brand costs $6,371.

This spring, gasoline and diesel prices in the United States broke records several times. So, on March 8, a gallon of gasoline cost $4.17, and diesel fuel cost $4.85. These prices are higher than during the fuel crisis of 2008. In mid-May, the price reached $4.47 and $5.57 for gasoline and diesel, respectively. The non-profit American Automobile Association (AAA), which monitors all changes in fuel prices in the country, has been recording a systematic increase in price tags at gas stations since the end of winter.

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According to AAA representative Andrew Gross, motorists continue to fill up cars, even despite record prices. However, at some point drivers may change their habits and lifestyle due to the unaffordable cost of fuel, but it has not yet reached such a level, Gross believes.

AAA tracks fuel prices at 60,000 gas stations across the country. The main indicator of the situation is the average price of regular gasoline, which accounts for 88 percent of sales. According to experts, retail fuel will not become cheaper until the US authorities managed to curb inflation.

Source: AAA Gas Prices