Future Bugatti will get a new shade of branded blue

Future Bugatti will get a new shade of branded blue 1

At the dawn of motorsport, when sponsorship liveries had not yet appeared, racing cars of each country were painted in colors characteristic only for them. Germany got silver, Great Britain — green, Italy — red, and the corporate color of France became blue. Bugatti’s cars also wore it, and over time French Racing Blue received the unofficial name Bugatti Blue. And soon this shade will get a new reading.

Bugatti’s signature color began in the 1920s as light turquoise, which by the middle of the decade had become a richer neutral tone of dark blue – it became the most famous shade of the brand’s cars. Then fashion led to a two-tone finish consisting of a brighter blue, shaded with a light turquoise color.

This is exactly the variant that we see today on models like Chiron, where the front part is painted in light blue, and everything behind the branded “C” body line is in a darker blue color.

In 2007, when Bugatti became part of the Volkswagen Group, the brand decided to use all the shades of blue that had been there since the brand was founded in 1909, choosing four interpretations: warm blue, cool blue, neutral blue, and — the most unusual — carbon fiber with a blue shade.

Future Bugatti will get a new shade of branded blue 3

After the creation of the Bugatti Rimac joint venture, the French automaker announced the start of work on a new shade of corporate blue, which will receive promising hybrid models of the brand.