Ford stops accepting Fiesta and Focus orders in Europe

Ford stops accepting Fiesta and Focus orders in Europe 1

The American brand has announced that Ford is ceasing to accept Fiesta and Focus orders in Europe. Only pre-configured versions of these models will be produced until further notice from the brand’s dealers.

The fourth-generation Ford Focus is not sold in the United States but is currently one of the company’s most important models in the European market. Together with the new Fiesta, also unavailable in the US, the two hatchbacks account for most of Ford’s sales on the Old continent. However, due to production problems, the automaker must now stop taking orders for both Focus and Fiesta.

European media reports that only pre-configured models can be ordered until further notice, which leaves buyers with at least some chance to get a new Focus or Fiesta.

A Ford spokesman said the manufacturer currently has delivery times of up to 12 months for some of its models, and disruptions in supply chains and production are not helping the situation.

“Some time ago, we closed the possibility of a free order for our dealers, in particular, Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta,” a company representative confirmed to the publication. “However, we offer an affordable volume of production to our dealers in the form of pre-assembled cars, depending on consumer demand.”

At the moment, the waiting time for Focus is very long. In June of this year, Ford announced that production at its Saarlouis plant in Germany would be significantly reduced after the end of August, which would increase the waiting time for ordered Focus. Markus Thal, head of the production board at the plant, said the orders currently being processed are likely to be delivered in spring 2023. Ford predicts that the annual production capacity of the plant will decrease from about 195,000 units originally planned to about 117,000 units in 2022.

However, the situation doesn’t look any better next year. That said it is planned to assemble about 143,000 Focus units in 2023, although production may not reach the expected level due to supply chain problems. The situation in the energy market is also a complicating factor.

Ford stops accepting Fiesta and Focus orders in Europe 3