Ford reports rush demand for new Maverick

Ford reports rush demand for new Maverick 1

Ford has reported about rush demand for the new Maverick. In less than a week, the “Blue Oval” has received 86 thousand pre-orders, at that according to the press service the compact and cheap pickup has attracted buyers who previously were not familiar with either the segment of trucks or products of Ford concern. The American dealer Szott Auto Group compared the demand for Maverick with a wave of toilet paper purchases ahead of the prolonged quarantine due to the coronavirus infection.

Quotas for the 2023 Ford Maverick have been picked up in just six days, but Americans continue to inquire daily about the new pickup. Ford spokesman Said Diep said 80 percent of the model’s customers have never bought a pickup, and 62 percent had not previously chosen a Ford product. “The Blue Oval is flattered that a whole pleiad of Americans is transplanting to the Maverick from such bestsellers as the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and Civic.

Carl Brower, an analyst at, said that until recently, Ford’s business model was built on selling expensive, luxury trucks and SUVs that were by no means economical. But the Maverick is cut from a different mold – its trump cards are low price and fuel efficiency, so this pickup has been noticed by less wealthy but younger buyers.

According to Ford, more than a third of customers ordering a 2022 pickup opted for the hybrid Maverick. Bloggers have already managed to test this modification and came to the conclusion that the range of 1,000 kilometers is quite achievable, and the fuel consumption was 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Success in the domestic market allows Ford not to think about exporting Maverick to other continents. But the rush in demand has a downside, because delivery dates have to be met, and in the meantime, the concern has to work with a shortage of microchips, logos, and other important parts.

Source: Detroit Free Press