Ford may have a Super Duty Raptor pickup in its lineup

Ford may have a Super Duty Raptor pickup in its lineup 1

Pickup truck Super Duty Raptor can appear in Ford’s range. Super Duty project manager Aaron Brexey told Ford Authority. “We always listen to our customers. If customers ask, ‘where’s the Super Duty Raptor?” we’ll listen as well,” Brexey made clear. Details are unknown, but the new Super Duty lineup is just getting ready to enter the U.S. market, so the Blue Oval has time for tweaks.

Ford’s F-Series Super Duty heavy-duty pickups changed generations two months ago, but the working trucks won’t arrive at dealers until the first quarter of 2023. At the moment, the most off-road capable version of the Super Duty is the Tremor, but Americans may be interested in a more powerful and cross-country Raptor.

Ford’s top managers are ready to consider the Super Duty Raptor, but for engineers, such modification will be especially challenging. The fact that line of Super Duty is created with an emphasis on traction capabilities and heavy loads, and the features of the family Raptor are impressive ground clearance, large articulation of the suspension, and “omnivorous” shock absorbers.

The Super Duty Tremor is available only on single rear tires, which means customers are already sacrificing towing capacity for better off-road performance. The “dirt” tires with 35- or 37-inch outer diameter should be less hardy under load, too. But the possible Super Duty Raptor will have no problems with engines: all heavy-duty pickups have resourceful V8s.

Ford marketers are closely following the wishes of the target audience and are ready to launch the most daring projects. In July the eight-cylinder super pickup F-150 Raptor R debuted, and at the beginning of the year, the “charged” off-road Bronco Raptor was declassified.

Source: Ford Authority