Ford F-150 Lightning and Corvette C8 compared in a straight line race

Ford F-150 Lightning and Corvette C8 compared in a straight line race 1

Presented last spring, an electric version of the famous Ford F-150 pickup truck entered the market and began to arrive at the first buyers. Naturally, having appeared with customers, the model immediately began to be used for various tests and tests, one of which predictably became a duel in straight-line races. An absolutely opposite model was chosen as a rival for Lightning — a thoroughbred Chevrolet Corvette sports car of the C8 generation.

The Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck is equipped with a twin-engine power plant that provides 570 horsepower and 1051 Nm of torque and all-wheel drive. The disadvantages of the model include a mass of more than 2,700 kilograms, which significantly complicates the life of a pickup truck in racing.

The rival — Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray — has less weight, “only” 1655 kilograms, but also lower power. The coupe develops 482 horsepower and 613 Nm of torque, which is produced by an atmospheric 6.2-liter V8.

The rear-wheel-drive sports car is equipped with a pres elective robotic gearbox with eight speeds. Earlier, the Ford F-150 Lightning became the safety car of the American NASCAR series races — the pickup truck participated in the Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 400 race in Martinsville.

Source: Brink of Speed