Firefly or a stylish sports electric car for children

Firefly or a stylish sports electric car for children 1

Specialists of the British company Young Driver Motor Cars have developed a children’s electric sports car Firefly, which is able to accelerate to a speed of 40 km / h. Only components from the UK will be used to assemble the electric vehicle.

In 2016, the British company Young Driver Motor Cars introduced the Firefly electric car for children. The company has released a new version of this model – the machine is designed for children aged 4 to 10 years. The novelty was named Firefly Sport.

“The Firefly Sport, designed to “spark children’s interest in cars and driving from an early age, as well as teach them road safety,” will be the first fully British electric vehicle in the UK.”

It will use only British-made components designed for production cars, including batteries and electric motors.

Even the development team of the car consists of Britons, including Steve Rawson, who previously worked at Aston Martin, who was responsible for the product development of Firefly Sport, and former JLR and MG engineer, Dr. Ian Pogson, who developed the power plant.

The Firefly Sport looks like a scaled-down roadster with an optional roof for all-weather use. It comes with an all-aluminum chassis combined with an independent suspension setup and rack-and-pinion steering for the feel of driving a real road car. Inside the car, there is a configurable digital instrument that shows the speedometer, clock, and power reserve indicator.

The Firefly Sports power unit includes two 24-volt electric motors and 12-volt batteries. The maximum speed depends on the selected gearbox, but the maximum speed that a small electric car can develop is 40 km/h, while the youngest drivers can accelerate only up to 11 km/h.