Ferrari has shared its plans for the future

Ferrari has shared its plans for the future 1

By the end of this week, the brand’s new CEO will talk about how Ferrari intends to switch to the production of electric cars and preserve its reputation.

In September last year, Benedetto Vigna became the new CEO of Italian Ferrari. After almost 9 months, the new manager decided to share his plans for the future of the brand with the public.

Note that Ferrari is now in a difficult position — for decades the brand has been producing beautiful sports cars with powerful atmospheric engines that pleased their owners not only with their appearance but also with the sound of the exhaust. Now the public demands the company to establish the production of electric models.

If everything turned out to be quite simple with hybrids — currently there are 4 such models in the brand’s portfolio, then problems may arise with fully electric cars. The main difficulty in this sense can be considered that Ferrari will have to make sports cars with an attractive and characteristic appearance while giving them modern technologies and power plants.

Ferrari has shared its plans for the future 3

According to preliminary data, the brand sees its future in partnership with other companies. This will allow the brand to use other people’s technologies, save on the development of its own platforms and power plants, as well as focus on luxury and car design. Of course, no one will forget about maintaining the level of profitability of Ferrari sports cars.

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It is worth saying that Vigna’s early statements about the future of Ferrari allowed the brand not to lose value. It is reported that over the past 12 months, the company’s share price has remained approximately at the same level, which is very important for current and future investors. For comparison, we can cite the example of an 18% drop in the European automotive index, a 13% drop in the cost of luxury goods, and a 70% drop in the value of Aston Martin shares over the same period of time.