EU plans to ban sales of gasoline and diesel cars

EU plans to ban sales of gasoline and diesel cars 1

The EU is going to abandon internal combustion engines from 2035. The operation of cars bought earlier will not be banned.

The European Union is preparing to adopt a new strategy for electrification of the car industry. It stipulates a complete ban on the registration of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035. This is reported by the German edition Handelsblatt.

Journalists got hold of a draft document prepared by France, which now heads the EU Council. The draft resolution has already been approved by the profile committee of the European Parliament, and the majority of deputies support it. It may be adopted in the next few months.

France suggests the prohibition of registration of all vehicles with CO2-containing exhaust in the European Union since 2035. Roughly speaking, the ban would apply to all gasoline and diesel cars. This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions throughout Europe by 25%.

The restrictions will apply to passenger cars and light commercial models. No transition periods will be introduced, but the operation of already registered cars with internal combustion engines will not be banned.

In addition, a proposal to supplement the resolution with a clause on the construction of a network of charging stations on European highways is being considered.

Also, the European Commission would be obliged to control the implementation of measures for retraining workers in the automotive industry every two years. The fact is that the transition to electric cars threatens a sharp reduction in factory jobs, from which the countries of Eastern Europe will be particularly affected.