Electric cars are more dangerous on the road than conventional cars – study

Electric cars are more dangerous on the road than conventional cars - study 1

Electric cars have firmly entered our lives, but their technical component is still a mystery to many. This type of car is considered safer, but experts do not agree with this. This was reported on the website Automotiveaddicts.

Why are electric cars more dangerous than cars with internal combustion engines?

Batteries of electric cars are too heavy

Electric cars tend to weigh more than their internal combustion engine competitors. It’s all about the batteries, which make them noticeably heavier.

Another problem is that the batteries can be damaged in an accident. This often leads to serious breakdowns.

Unstable battery temperature

Batteries can have an unstable temperature. This can cause them to explode or catch fire in a collision.

Additional battery insulation is needed to correct this issue. Not all automakers pay enough attention to this.

Many electric cars are not structurally reinforced

Electric cars are more prone to break down in accidents. The reason for this is the lack of structural reinforcements, which are usually carried out on cars with internal combustion engines.

Increased stopping distance

Due to the large weight, it becomes more difficult for the car to brake. Increased braking distance leads to an increased risk of accidents.

Therefore, drivers have to be more careful on the road. The situation can be aggravated by bad weather conditions when the braking distance becomes even longer.

High center of gravity

A higher center of gravity makes it more difficult to control the vehicle. The risk of tipping over increases when making sudden maneuvers.

Drivers need to be extra cautious when driving electric vehicles. Otherwise, the risk of an accident increases significantly.