Ducati V21L «lost» 57 kilograms

Ducati V21L «lost» 57 kilograms 1

The manufacturer of Ducati motorcycles, which will become the exclusive supplier of equipment for the MotoE racing series from next season, has revealed the technical characteristics of the V21L electric bike.

Actually, MotoE is the world’s first electric motorcycle racing series. All participants have the same motorcycles, they are supplied by the company that wins the tender. Until now, it was the Italian startup Energica, but after the first three seasons, it will be replaced by Ducati.

Energica Ego racing electric motorcycles are notorious for two things. Firstly, they managed to burn the whole train twice right in the boxes, during recharging. And secondly, they were distinguished by an exorbitantly large weight, which was 282 kilograms.

The Ducati V21L bike, which replaces them, already weighs 225 kilograms. This is still more than the gasoline analogs, but significantly better than the Energica Ego.

The power of the new racing motorcycle is 147 horsepower, the torque is 140 Nm, and its maximum speed reaches 275 kilometers per hour. The capacity of traction batteries in this case is equal to 18 kilowatt-hours. The power reserve is not disclosed, but, for example, in Formula E cars (which are obviously more voracious) 55 kilowatt-hours is enough for 100 kilometers at a racing pace.

It is important to note that Ducati does not currently have an electric road motorcycle. However, the company has already announced that it uses the V21L developments when creating road sports electric motorcycles.