Drage Race: Two BMW coupes tested in a straight line race

Drage Race: Two BMW coupes tested in a straight line race 1

The British channel Camwow held its next drag race, the participants of which were two BMW 2 Series coupes. Cars of two different generations — the previous F87 and the current G42 — were brought together in drag racing. In the absence of the current BMW M2, the M2 Competition of the last generation has become the most powerful modification of the current generation coupe — the M240i version. Which of the cars became faster and what can be expected from the upcoming BMW M2, bloggers found out during an impromptu duel on the straight.

The traditional test program includes races from the spot to the classic 402 meters for drag racing, parallel starts from 48 and 80 kilometers per hour, and the final test for cars is the evaluation of the effectiveness of braking mechanisms at a speed of 161 kilometers per hour.

Both cars have 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engines, but if the BMW M2 Competition generation F87 engine produces 410 horsepower and 550-newton meters, then the BMW M240i in the G42 body under the hood has a 374-horsepower unit with a torque of 500-newton meters.

It is noteworthy that with more power, the M2 Competition has a gain in weight — 1,575 kilograms versus 1,690 kilograms for the M240i — but the more modern BMW two-door has all-wheel drive, whereas its predecessor has rear-wheel drive only.