Downsized Tesla employees moved on to competitors

Downsized Tesla employees moved on to competitors 1

This year Tesla began laying off employees en masse. Because of a “bad feeling” about the prospects of the global economy, the head of the company Elon Musk ordered to stop hiring new employees and cut the existing staff by about 10 percent. According to Punks & Pinstripes, 457 people left Tesla in the last three months, and about a quarter of them ended up going to competitors of the U.S. auto giant.

Leading the way in hiring was Rivian, which now employs 56 former Tesla workers. It launched the R1T “battery” pickup ahead of Tesla, which has yet to put the Cybertruck, introduced back in 2019, on the assembly line.

Rivian employed 56 of Tesla’s 457 laid-off and retired employees. In second place among car companies was Lucid Motors, another Musk competitor with the Lucid Air sedan, which markedly outperforms the Tesla Model S Long Range.

Only eight people who worked at Tesla switched to more traditional automakers, including General Motors and Ford. Thus, about 21 percent of the company’s ex-employees now work for its direct competitors.

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As for non-automotive companies, 51 employees went to Apple, the same number to Amazon, and 29 and 23 to Google and Microsoft, respectively. Another 10 managed to move to Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX.

Meanwhile, Tesla has lost the lead in the segment of electric cars. For the first time, the leader in sales of “green” cars in the world was the Chinese auto giant BYD, which at the end of the first half of the year managed to sell 641 thousand electric cars. Tesla, on the other hand, sold only 564,000.

Source: Punks & Pinstripes