Diesel BMW 7 Series drove 1,650 km on one tank

Diesel BMW 7 Series drove 1,650 km on one tank 1

Englishman Joe Achilles driving a BMW 730d drove 1,652 kilometers on the route London—Madrid on one tank. The average fuel consumption at the same time was 3.6 liters per 100 kilometers, although according to the passport, the sedan consumes at least 5.5 liters. Eco Pro driving mode helped to achieve this result, in which the car switches to maximum economy mode.

British blogger Joe Achilles has repeatedly proved that diesel cars are ideal for long-distance travel. In January 2021, he drove almost 1,450 kilometers on a BMW 730Ld without refueling. The average speed was 100.9 kilometers per hour, and the consumption was only 4.5 liters.

The long-wheelbase sedan is equipped with an inline “six” 3.0 (265 hp, 620 Nm) paired with an eight-band ZF automatic, and according to the passport consumes 5.3-5.8 liters per 100 kilometers (in combined mode according to the WLTP cycle).

This year Joe decided to improve his own achievement and went by car from London to Madrid. Moreover, his choice again fell on a diesel BMW, or rather, a 730d sedan of the G11 generation with the same “six” B57.

The whole trip lasted 22 and a half hours, but mileage and consumption are much more interesting. So Joe and the second driver drove 1,652 kilometers on the same tank, and judging by the onboard computer, they still had fuel left (for 155 km). The car showed an average consumption of 65.2 miles per gallon, that is 3.6 liters per hundred kilometers.

Eco Pro driving mode helped to achieve this result. When it is activated, the throttle opens noticeably less often, and there is no reaction at all to small accelerator presses. In addition, sometimes electronics can disconnect the engine from the gearbox for coasting. Also in Eco Pro, the algorithm of climate control is changing, and it is switching to economy mode. According to BMW, Eco Pro gives 15 percent fuel economy – but this is at its very best.