Details have emerged about the new Mercedes-Benz electric crossovers

Details have emerged about the new Mercedes-Benz electric crossovers 1

In the “green” line of Mercedes-Benz under the letters EQ, replenishment is being prepared: by the end of this year, EQS and EQE crossovers will appear in it, reports Autocar. They will become the third and fourth models on the EVA platform after the sedans of the same name and the first battery-powered all-terrain vehicles that do not have fuel analogs in the brand’s lineup. Также раскрывается ориентировочная цена: 70 000 фунтов за EQE и 90 000 фунтов за EQS.

Like the EQS and EQE electric sedans, the EQS SUV and EQE SUV crossovers will be offered in several versions, as well as in “hot” AMG versions. Later, the flagship EQS will become the base for the luxury crossover from Maybach, which debuted as a concept at the Munich Motor Show last fall.

According to insiders, the EQS SUV with a length of 5160 millimeters will be optionally offered with a seven-seat cabin, and its premiere will take place at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2022. It will be driven by a twin-engine power plant with a capacity of about 516 horsepower (854 Nm of torque), the drive is full without an alternative. EQS also has a large block of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 108 kilowatt-hours.

The “younger” EQE SUV will reach a length of 4850 millimeters and in the initial version will receive a single electric motor with a capacity of 288 forces (530 Nm) located on the rear axle, as well as a more modest battery for 90.6 kilowatt-hours. By default, the crossover will be a rear-wheel-drive but in more expensive versions, the EQE will get a two-engine installation that will drive all four wheels. The debut of the model is expected at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November this year.

Both all-terrain vehicles are going to be put on the conveyor at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where GLE and GLS fuel crossovers are currently being assembled.